Introduction to Relics War

2013-11-15 21:19     
Hoping to get on the fast track? Come seize relics and earn Prestige! Another exciting challenge – the Relics War is now available in Castlot! It's not only a competition among players but also a strength demonstration between factions! Now let's get familiar with this boiling hot new function!     
I. The Grand Entrance
1. Players need to get to level 35 before participating in the Relics War. There is a triumphal arch icon at the top right area of the screen signifying its grand entrance.
2. Before entering the Relics War, players are recommended to read the introduction to get acquainted with the basic rules.


II. The Relics War Battlefields

1. When players enter the Relics War, they will find themselves in the Junior Relics battlefield. According to their Prestige output, the relics are divided into three categories: Junior, Medium and Advanced relics.   
a. Junior Relics: lowest output but largest quantity.
b. Medium Relics: average output and average quantity.
c. Advanced Relics: highest output but smallest quantity.
For every brave warrior that seeks top achievement, advanced relics are what they should fight for!
2. Players can go to different relics battlefields by clicking different shortcut icons at the bottom right area of the screen. 
There are 32 junior relics including:
24 single-player junior relics, each of which can produce 3 Prestige every minute. 
8 team junior relics, each of which can produce 9 Prestige every minute.

There are 20 medium relics including:

16 single-player medium relics, each of which can produce 6 Prestige every minute.

4 team junior relics, each of which can produce 36 Prestige every minute.
There are 13 advanced relics including:
8 single-player advanced relics, each of which can produce 12 Prestige every minute. 
4 team junior relics, each of which can produce 36 Prestige every minute.
1 team Mega Relic that can produce 72 Prestige every minute.
Ⅲ. Rules of Relics War 
Occupying relics is an important way to obtain Prestige. However, there are just a limited number of relics. So to maintain a steady Prestige growth, bloodshed is inevitable.
Check out the rules below: 
a. After occupying a relic, players will receive Prestige every minute. Plus they will get an extra 20 minutes of Prestige every 60 minutes. If there are multiple occupants in one relic, the Prestige gained will be split evenly among all occupants.
b. Relics located closer to the center have a higher Prestige output. The closer they are to the center, the higher the Prestige output. Relics located at the rim have the minimum output. 
c. Only players of the same faction can team up.
d. Relics are divided into single-player and three-player relics. A single-player relic only allows one occupant at a time. When attempting to occupy a single-player relic, players can choose two Epic heroes to fight along with their main hero. A three-player relic allows a maximum of three occupants. Players can team up with other players of the same faction to occupy a three-player relic, but can only send their main hero. One team can have a maximum of 3 players.   
e. Cannot abandon the relics within the first 30 minutes of occupation.
f. Players will automatically leave the relics in 6 hours after occupying the relics. 
g. Players at level 50 or lower are allowed to occupy one relic, while players at levels higher than level 50 can occupy two relics.
Ⅳ. Occupation
How to start a battle and do your very best to get the relic that you so crave?
Single Battle
a. Choose a single-player relic;
b. Press the "Appoint Hero(es)" button to appoint heroes;
c. Click "Occupy" to start the battle.
Team Battle
a. Choose a three-player relic;
b. Press the "Team-up" button and choose "Create Team" or "Fast Entry";
c. Click "Fast Entry" and you will join a team that has vacancies immediately, or you will be in your own team if there are no other teams in the relic. The team captain decides when to start the battle. 
d. Choose "Create Team" and you will create a team and you are the captain. You can invite friends to join your team, or occupy the relic on your own.
e. You can only team up with players of your own faction. When you are the team captain, you can invite on-line friends or league members to join your glorious battle!
f. When you are in a team, you can only send the main hero. When attempting to occupy a single-player relic, you can choose two Epic heroes to join you. 
g. You cannot join another team before quitting the previous team. 
h. If you want to know where your team is, you just need to click the "Check" button on the pop-up window.
Ⅴ. Beneficial Effects 
How to improve your Prestige gain? There are three methods you can take advantage of:
a. Double Yields
Use Diamonds/Magic Potions to double the Prestige yield.
b. Extend Time
Use Diamonds/Magic Potions to extend the occupation for 4 more hours.
c. Enable Protection
Use Diamonds/Magic Potions to enable protection against attacks from other players.
d. These three methods can be applied at the same time!