World War on Castlot!

2013-10-22 15:19     
The war between Bright Faction and Dark Faction breaks out. We have waited long enough for this final moment. Let's grab our weapons and mount our horses. Fight for truth and for family!
Entrance of World War:
Players can enter World War through the World War icon which lies next to the icon of Avalon Chest at the upper right corner of the city interface.

Battlefield of World War:
3 Neutral areas (a Bright foothold and a Dark foothold are located in each of them) and both Factions' lands.
Rule of the World War
1. World War lasts for 24*7 hours, during which players need to annihilate all enemy troops in the 3 neutral areas before they can go to the enemy Faction's land to Scout, Rob and Seize.
2. There are two phases in World War. The first is fighting in the neutral areas and the second is expedition in factions' land. Players have to finish the first phase before going into the second.
3. The first phase takes place in the 3 neutral areas. There is a Bright Faction's Foothold and a Dark Faction's Foothold located in each of the neutral areas. Only when the troops in all enemy's Footholds are destroyed, can players enter the second phase.
4. The second phase takes place in both Factions' land. Players can enter enemy's land and run expeditions to their cities, like Scout, Rob and Seize.
5. Marching Time in World War: 30 minutes for Footholds taking in the first phase; 5 minutes for Scout and 30 minutes for Rob and Seize in the second phase.
6. Players will see different contents when they enter the World War at different time. During the first phase, players can see the Merits Rank and the remaining enemy troops in each neutral area. During the second phase, players can see his Exploits and Rank for capturing enemy cities and that of his League.
7. About Rank and Reward: Players can see their rank and reward by clicking the "Rank and Reward" button during the second phase.
8. There will be big rewards for World War and the rewards for the first and second phases will be sent respectively by mail. To make it more awesome, there are personal rewards and league rewards for the second phase. Top 3 players from both Factions can get the Title Reward: Bright/Dark King, Bright/Dark Warrior and Bright/Dark Fighter. The title will appear beside player's name when they talk in Chat Box and last till the winner comes up.
9. Different Banners: when a city is captured by enemies in the second phase, his city will have Red Banner with Yellow name.
10. System notice: there will be a system notice when a Foothold is destroyed, all Footholds of a Faction are destroyed, a player get high Exploits in one battle or the best 3 players in the Exploits Ranking are announced.
11. Truce: when Truce is used during World War, the troops going on expeditions will be cancelled and sent back to the Departure City.
12. Seized Cities panel: there will be Faction Column and Select Column in the Seized Cities panel.
13. Accelerate March: every 30 minutes cost 5 Diamonds/Magic Potions, and the total amount will be 30 Diamonds/Magic Potions at most. It can be used to reduce the remaining time by 90% and can only be used once.
14. Players can join the World War from their Subcities.
15. Players cannot relocate to the enemy Faction.